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Police officer are trained to protect the public against dangers. That is why here at American Protection Security we do offer Off-Duty Police Officers to protect and serve the community.

With the experience they carry from the intensive training they have received at different law enforcement agencies, and the instinct they have developed during these training, LA Safety Security off-Duty Police Officers are ready to serve our clients the same way they have been serving the community for years.

Our services consist of, but not limited to:

  • Security Officer Services (Armed / Unarmed)
  • Patrol Services (Armed / Unarmed)
  • VIP Protection

Our Services


The neighborhood that I and my family have recently bought a mansion in has seen drastic crime rates spike in the last 4 years. Concerned about the safety of our high school…
Rita King, Vancouver, OR
When my company transports our goods across the ocean, we want to be sure that there are no security risks to lose it. Considering all the years that this particular agency…
Rob Lowe, NYC, NY

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Our quality guarantee program includes an employee selection process that is among the most thorough in the industry.