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When you are deciding on the best security service requirements for your Construction Site or facility, consider safety and protection by way of a Security Guard services or security video cameras (CCTV Surveillance). It is proven, that vandalism and theft are the two main security risks to be concerned about if you need to secure a construction site or secure a facility.

Today construction sites and facilities cannot depend on being protected by police. In fact, construction sites and facilities face a larger need for security guard services due to the increase in vandalism, crime, and construction site theft. Criminals and construction site thieves are now much smarter, better organized and use strategic methods never used in the past when striking.

Our security guard agency can implement a well planned construction site security system, construction site security guards or cctv security surveillance cameras or may install hidden surveillance cameras at the construction site that may provide video surveillance proof and video recordings of occurred theft or vandalism at the site or facility

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The neighborhood that I and my family have recently bought a mansion in has seen drastic crime rates spike in the last 4 years. Concerned about the safety of our high school…
Rita King, Vancouver, OR
When my company transports our goods across the ocean, we want to be sure that there are no security risks to lose it. Considering all the years that this particular agency…
Rob Lowe, NYC, NY

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